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saturday morning pictures ~ mark russell
Mark Russell

Mark Russell has been a lecturer in Theatre Arts, a journalist, a teacher of Drama, and is a member of the St Mungo’s Mirrorball poets’ collective in Glasgow. His pamphlet Pursued by Well-being is published by tall lighthouse (2013), and he has had poetry published by Molly Bloom, Tears in the Fence, Shadowtrain, Otoliths, and fourfold.

Saturday Morning Pictures, Mark Russell
Chapbook - February 2015
chapbook [rcp cb32]
A6 54pp 30 copies
£7.00 inc. p&p (UK)
chapbooks - 2014
A New Geography of Romanticism, Tim Allen
Chapbook - April 2015
a new geography of romanticism ~ tim allen
chapbook [rcp cb33]
A6 54pp 35 copies
£7.00 inc. p&p (UK)
Tim Allen

“There is another England, a country not of Cameron, Farage and the house of Windsor, but of Lear and Carroll, Gasgoyne and Blake, a deeper, darker, stranger place. It is of this nation underground that Tim Allen is the cartographer. A New Geography of Romanticism stakes out this shadowy turf with prismatic, kaleidoscopic brilliance. Reading this book on another rainy afternoon in Albion is a beautifully startling experience, like finding a giant hailstone in the fireplace or a peacock perched on the sideboard. These poems are the potions of the maddest of scientists, a gift of sherbet lemons from the gods.” Tom Jenks

Endless/Nameless ~ Richard Barrett & Rachel Sills
Endless/Nameless, Richard Barrett & Rachel Sills
Chapbook - April 2015
“"Across 51 pop-cerebral 14-line poems, Endless/ Nameless dazzles with the minutiae of contemporary life and language. Rachel Sills and Richard Barrett invite us to share in the excitement of their exchange, which feels almost as if they've discovered an algorithm for making each line more unforeseen than the last. At times spiky and bristling, at others agonising and direct, and often very funny, this sequence breathes new life into the sonnet form in the way Berrigan and Mayer did. In a synthesised soundscape of television, Greggs outlets and Facebook, in poetry that can jump from Primark to if p then q in a few lines: new and exciting possibilities for lyric expression evolve." Colin Herd
chapbook [rcp cb34]
A6 58pp 35 copies
£7.00 inc. p&p (UK)
unnecessarily emphatic ~ kathrine sowerby
Unnecessarily Emphatic, Kathrine Sowerby
Chapbook - August 2015 - Reprinted January 2016
“The dreams of those of us without a gift for narrative often show great narrative flair. Here, the sleeper is a linguistics textbook, the dream its payload of example sentences: words which were meant to be looked at but never into. Is this the story Language itself needed to tell, or a tale hidden in plain view by a linguist too shy to speak? We can never know if the troubled and self-questioning protagonists of “Unnecessarily Emphatic” are anything more than projections of our own troubled self-questioning. It’s all the more moving for that – it’s our story, a human document willed into being by sheer force of hope.”
Peter Manson
chapbook [rcp cb35]
A6 54pp 35 copies
£7.00 inc. p&p (UK)
fidelities ~ Ian Seed
Fidelities, Ian Seed
Chapbook - November 2015
Ian Seed says of Fidelities, ‘The poems here range from the lyrical to the more experimental, but I think that they all probe and explore a series of encounters and journeys.  I see them as being faithful, “in their fashion”, to the truths they discover along the way’. This collection enacts an excursive articulation of the world and language, the shifts and creative repetitions found in both, between words and inside words, between moments and within moments: each poem finding its distinct poetic imperative to reveal these moves in the landscape in complex and subtle ways. The rhythms of these poetic journeys involve but also exceed the sonic; here is the shaping of the space and time of attention, a focus and intimacy that situates and then opens up, and into, our embodied encounters with the phenomenal world; here is presence, and reflection on presence and on being present. This is language as an eye that sees and a hand that touches and shapes, but also as ‘skin listening’. ‘We do not see from our bodies as from inside /a box. We pertain to the whole, we take our place /in the landscape, in the touching of the sleek and rough.’”
Patricia Farrell
chapbook [rcp cb36]
A6 32pp 80 copies
£7.00 inc. p&p (UK)