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red notebooks
red notebooks,
rob maclennan
In the Garden (jan unit)
Monty Reid
ten poems
Ten Poems
Iain Britton
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Every poem is a decapitated head held up by a single hair - serge pey
climbing death of vine's stagnant splay - felino a soriano
Climbing Death of Vine's Stagnant Splay
Felino A Soriano
tree - james mclaughlin
James Mc Laughlin
poetry for girls & others - gareth durasow
Poetry for Girls & Others
Gareth Durasow
indigo not violet - paul sutton
indigo not violet
Paul Sutton
ten clouds - andrew nightingale
Ten Clouds
Andrew Nightingale
the scavengers of london - tom watts
The Scavengers of London
Tom Watts
black gardens - david berridge
David Berridge
questions for painters - nathan thompson
Questions for Painters
Nathan Thompson
Every poem is a decapitated head held up by a single hair
Serge Pey
roadside savants ~ david e haase
olifaunt - david tomaloff
David Tomaloff
on the toad - j d nelson
On the Toad
J D Nelson
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inspired remnants ~ howie good
inspired remnants
Howie Good
the juijitsu of macking ~ jesse bradley
The Juijitsu of Macking
Jesse Bradley
this is not poetry. #poetry ~ Joseph A. W. Quintela
This is not Poetry. #poetry
Joseph A. W. Quintela
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leap year ~CL Bedsoe
Leap Year
CL Bledsoe
the lesson of furniture ~ chad redden
The Lesson of Furniture
Chad Redden
wikipedia says it will pass ~ diana salier
wikipedia says it will pass
Diana Salier
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clean as a broke dick dog ~ alex stolis
Clean as a Broke Dick Dog
Alex Stolis
roadside savants
David e Haase
variations on a theme by spinoza ~ charles freeland
Variations on a Theme by Spinoza
Charles Freeland
dick erasures ~ laura wetherington
Dick Erasures
Laura Wetherington
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