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Objects - Andrew Spragg

Chapbook RCP28
A6 48 Pages

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Objects - Andrew Spragg

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  • "I’d rather not believe it yet what this book tells me in predated scan. OBJECTS are what kind of scaler is the earth, looking as the future. An OBJECT can be positive flood ache, proleptic Atlantis, a zipping line. Submergence and emergence, forests under water, flicking off sense. This is really good. A rare and budding song of the anthropocene. If I don’t read it I won’t yet know. Deal with it. Without a hood. Read it, without a flick. The rains coming, graphed here, without object leave a hoodless silhouette. Important to care for the destruction zipped off by the illiteral rain. Niagraesque inundation of objects without hood. OBJECTS is Noah with an objective correlate. Go to the plex." Jonty Tiplady

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