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Poets - Vik Shirley

Chapbook RCP90
A6 42 Pages
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Poets - Vik Shirley

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  • Poets

    “Vik Shirley fixes poets (and their pokey, incestuous world) with a gimlet eye. And then she mounts them in this album like chloroformed and pinned butterflies or stuck-in stamps. Who will not recognise themselves here? Whether they be poets, or even the lesser folk who reputedly dwell out in the real world? Such fun was evidently had in the writing of this pamphlet. It’s catching.”
    Mark Waldron

    “Moments before her public execution, Mme. Antiege LeFlurp told the blood lusty gawkers, “Poets are like raccoons: both stink and make terrible shoplifters!” Two centuries later, LeFlurp’s revocation comes between the covers (hey now!) of Poets by Vik Shirley.”
    Jennifer L. Knox

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