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27 Poems - Martin Stannard

Chapbook RCP96
A6 38 Pages
50 Copies

27 Poems - Martin Stannard

  • 27 Poems

    “Read this in one wonderful go, perhaps in a kitchenette where a blackbird can keep you company, and I’m not kidding.”
    Mike Ferguson, Gravy from the Gazebo on Items

    “ . . . this 1851 review of Moby-Dick reflects in parts how I feel about Stannard’s Reading Moby-Dick and Various Other Matters . . .
    ‘High philosophy, liberal feeling, abstruse metaphysics popularly phrased, soaring speculation, a style as many-coloured as the theme, yet always good, and often admirable; fertile fancy, ingenious construction, playful learning, and an unusual     power of enchaining the interest, and rising to the verge of the sublime, without overpassing that narrow boundary which plunges the ambitious penman into the ridiculous; all these are possessed by Herman Melville, and exemplified in these volumes.’
    London Morning Advertiser, October 24, 1851.”
    Sarah Acton, Tears in the Fence

    “You are a better poet than some I could name.”
    Eric Eric, private email


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