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adrift - Simon Howard

Chapbook RCP1

A6 34 Pages

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adrift - Simon Howard

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  • adrift is a poem with creatures (not characters) in/on its lines who don’t exist &, not knowing this, continue as if they do exist. It is, simultaneously though not synchronously, a poem with characters (not creatures) nearby or a long way distant from its lines (on/in its lines) who do exist &, knowing this, continue as if they do not exist. It is written from the situation of one (not the author) forgetting the past (which is also the author’s future). It is an absolutely realistic or literal poem, in that it describes in a relatively literal way (capitalist) irreality; a reality in which none of us are really us (not them really) but can be exchanged for ourselves or for someone/thing other who resembles whoever is unreal (real) in every aspect other than resemblance.

    adrift refers to Richard Barrett’s composition adrift, a duo for piano & electronics recorded by Sarah Nicolls & the composer on psi 09.10

    Simon Howard is the author of ZOOAXEIMPLODE & Numbers. More from Simon Howard can be found at


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