And I Used to Sail Barges - Mike Ferguson

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And I Used to Sail Barges - Mike Ferguson

  • ‘In the first little collection of prose poems I wrote, each vignette contained at least one fundamental lie and one fundamental truth. Sometimes I forget which was which: many of the stories were about things that happened a long time ago. I sent this to various poetry publishers but they were always returned, most as courteous rejections, and those briefly tempted still declined with expressions of concern about some of the revelations – whether true or not. Even after I removed the particularly dark and bleak piece from subsequent attempts, there just wasn’t any interest. I finally gave up trying after the email argument I had with one editor regarding what she described as the ‘meaninglessness’ of the word fundamental in my lengthy submission essay.’
    Mike Ferguson

    ‘Mike Ferguson’s book about hairdressing was a unique discovery for us to have featured. It was unusual for being a