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Drinking Watermelon Whiskey - Mike Ferguson

Chapbook RCP99
A6 38 Pages
40 copies

Drinking Watermelon Whiskey - Mike Ferguson

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  • Drinking Watermelon Whiskey

    A reading of Richard Brautigan’s satirical, post-apocalyptic novella In Watermelon Sugar provides Mike Ferguson with a chance ruse for observing our broken world as absurd, beautiful, and likely sliding to a ridiculous end.


    ‘Thank Christ for a little collection of writings that first and foremost suggests you might enjoy it, that you go at it with a light heart and, if there is a serious thing or two you might take away from it, that relationship between enjoyment and the serious might be what you perhaps most remember, and might take into your future days.’
    Martin Stannard (Professions)

    ‘Mike Ferguson’s book of prose poems is a layered and self-referential kind of Borgesian labyrinth of asides and references to the world of the past and present, a semi-fictional wish fulfilment of fame and fortune, skilfully undercut with self-deprecation and poetic wit.’
    Rupert Loydell (And I Used to Sail Barges)


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