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Eat Here, Get Gas & Worms - Steve Spence

Chapbook RCP84
A6 54 Pages

40 Copies
First published as a limited run of 40 copies.

Eat Here, Get Gas & Worms - Steve Spence

  • “Steve Spence’s poems present a skilful and seamless sentence collage as a way of reading the mediating dialogues of modern Britain. In Eat Here, Get Gas & Worms the samples of recycled material segue with other content (spot the joins?) to slip along on a level that appears as natural as breathing. This however is a hybrid jigsaw where the pieces slot to recreate neat but novel poetic narratives of wry creation which in turn carry a quiet yet insistent hint of political and social dissent. And each ends with a little hooked sting that reinterprets what led to it as if it was a mysterious tease. The rest is a strange combination of satisfaction and unease.”
    Tim Allen

    “Steve Spence has reframed noise pollution for the connoisseur.”
    Patrick Holden.

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