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Geopoliticus, pupsy! - Barney Ashton-Bullock

Chapbook RCP92
A6 40 Pages
40 Copies

Geopoliticus, pupsy! - Barney Ashton-Bullock

  • “Loquacious, audacious and fucking furious, Ashton-Bullock’s latest packs a punch. One to the stomach and a slap on both cheeks. Exploring savagery and revolution (or lack of it) with an apoplectic apocalyptic battle cry, he leads us through the rubble of the Arndale centre, suburban dystopias and broken backroom dreams, where the reader is abandoned smacked-up, spunked-on and spat out. A Book of Revelation.”  
    JP Seabright

    “‘Geopoliticus, Pupsy!’ sees Ashton-Bullock build an inimitable sequence of poems that regale with an aching observation the self and its existence in a world drained of its colour. Both introspective and outward looking, he raises many questions - about identity,  purpose and of human need - all constructed with a unique linguistic artistry rarely executed with such exquisite and bold projection.”
    Stuart McPherson

    “…dispatched traitors, re-sculpted as sanguine santos-lite smulch, excoriated limbs emulsify into sieving landscapes…” Such snaking, restless lines are the rule and not the exception in Barney Ashton-Bullock’s tongue-twisting collection ‘Geopoliticus, Pupsy!’  Likewise, glittering vistas of ‘felch fantasias’ and ‘scrumming cummage’ bob along on the waves of dark, bodily nightmare poetry. This is wall to wall playfulness, political insofar as we can see our world through its warped mirror, and just a bit filthy. Read this pamphlet to feel the unbound electrification of language.”
    Matthew Haigh


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