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Micro Event Space - Robert Sheppard

Chapbook RCP62

A6 50 Pages
40 Copies

Micro Event Space - Robert Sheppard

  • A short book of short poems and sequences of brief lyrics. A variety of forms: the haiku which Robert Sheppard has inherited, but refunctioned into prose paragraphs; the Twittersonnet that he invented (with a little fictional friend). Collaborative glyph-like micro-poems share this tight corner with a sequence of curt discursive trackings of the working week. Small poems about small things – the flea, Pluto, a Mayan dwarf – recognise that they are diminutive in different ways. A little detail like a Klansman’s hat peeping through a car roof has monstrous potential. The micro event space of the poem is one of miniature responsibilities.

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