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Preloved Metaphors - Rupert M Loydell

Chapbook RCP 104

A6 48 Pages

40 Copies


Preloved Metaphors - Rupert M Loydell

  • Preloved Metaphors is 'a collection of misses and mistakes', an attempt to record, reconfigure and remake the world around us before it disappears for good or becomes impossible to find. Even as the author tries to escape himself, time is one step ahead and somebody else has already re-used the secondhand words he has borrowed. Although 'there is no way to catch those / brief moments spent blinking in the sun', Loydell – in league with the ghost of John Ashbery – does at least try.


    'a very readable and powerful collection, full of agonising yet filled with interesting materials.'
    'this is poetry as a record of experience, through and through: lived moments coupled to the reflections on the long-running tracks of thought to which one person idiosyncratically returns, time and again, coupled to a private journalism, curated through a totalising subjectivity, but one which is always overstretching the rigidity of those boundaries with new perspectives, alternating subjectivities entering through, melding with the pluralist eye/I.'
    Gists and Piths


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