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So, Rise - John Goodby

Chapbook RCP95
A6 38 Pages
Originally published as a limited edition of 40 Copies
Second printing

So, Rise - John Goodby

  • “So, Rise is an ethical enquiry into a teeming world regained by a survivor.  The vision won arrives without a word wasted, each ‘salty syllable the world works for’ is charged with a meaning that only poetry can reach.”
    Kelvin Corcoran

    “So, with these poems, we also rise - and Goodby does this as if language were his new invention. Juggling, balancing, nosing it all out in an all-embracing rush. Forget emotion, this is the triumph of system.”
    Peter Finch


    The lyrics in So, Rise were factored from poems in Claire Crowther's Solar Cruise (Shearsman, 2020) using radical OuLiPo-style sampling techniques, anagramatisation and the 'outing' of words within words, in order to create new poems as different as it was possible to make them from their sources. 

    John Goodby   


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