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Soft Rush - Peter Hughes

Chapbook RCP20

A6 36 Pages

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Soft Rush - Peter Hughes

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  • Peter Hughes is a poet & painter who is currently based on the Norfolk coast. He is also the founding editor of Oystercatcher Press. Some of his books include:

    The Pistol Tree Poems (with Simon Marsh), Shearsman, 2011
    Interscriptions (with John Hall), KF&S, 2011
    Cosimo & the Queen’s Peach, KF&S, 2010
    The Summer of Agios Dimitrios,
    Shearsman, 2009

    Nistanimera, Shearsman, 2007
    Sound Signals Advising of Presence,
    infernal methods, 2006
    Blueroads, Salt, 2003
    Keith Tippet Plays Tonight, Maquette, 1999

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