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Taxi Drivers - Paul Sutton

Chapbook RCP39
A6 36 Pages

40 Copies

Taxi Drivers - Paul Sutton

  • "Cartier-Bresson's photographs famously capture a "decisive moment", supposedly spontaneously. I wanted to unpick and explore that moment - and its importance - in narratives and internal or external monologues. I've used four of my favourites - Taxi Drivers (Berlin, 1931), Pont de l’Europe (Paris, 1932); Tug-boat pilots on the Rhine (West Germany, 1956); La Villette (Paris, 1929) - creating four sequences, with elements of realism, surrealism and hyperrealism." Paul Sutton

    “So good to discover Paul Sutton’s poems, like bitter, burning pole stars guiding us through the wastelands of Regia Anglorum." Rod Madocks, Amazon review of Falling Off

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