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Transmission Blues - Tim Youngs (unnumbered)

Chapbook RCP91
A6 44 Pages
50 Copies
First published as a limited run of 50 copies


Transmission Blues - Tim Youngs (unnumbered)

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  • “Transmission Blues feels much bigger than its parts and covers a lot of ground: art, music, love, history, a sense of place. There’s a gentle authority in the writing of these finely-tuned and evocative poems; and something that draws you in and stays with you long after you’ve read them.”
    Cliff Yates

    “Transmission Blues uses concision and concrete imagery to convey intense emotion and meditative calm, sometimes in the same poem; Youngs achieves this by an acute awareness of linguistic effects and an ear for rhythm. The poems are a series of tightly-constructed language-objects, but there is also a voice, a personality in them that provides a connection to the quotidian; a speaker who ‘...shrugs / looks skyward, descends sadly, / takes stock, draws us closer still.”
    Alan Baker

    “These poems offer precise glimpses of love, with depth and humour housed in deceptive simplicity.”
    Jo Dixon

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