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Vitruvian Shadows - David Miller

Chapbook RCP71
A6 28 Pages
40 Copies


Vitruvian Shadows - David Miller

  • "This beautiful poem brings back Edgar Allen Poe: a retrieval of romantic music fine-tuned alone in darkness."

    Fanny Howe


     "& the bus from Rome to Weymouth
    wouldn’t leave for five hours’


    ...on account of a slippage of time of two millennia. David Miller’s Vitruvian Shadows uses frequent quotation from Vitruvius’ De Architectura to ground, to give foundation to, an otherwise floating identity, one floating here in 21st century Dorset, having travelled far before. In such a short series, dream, life decisions, history, and the structures of art, of writing, music and the visual arts, all take part in the assemblage. This is a carefully crafted bricolage, held together by echo and repetition. A compassionate, tentative intelligence flows through the text, balanced: and that balance is always provisional, uncertain, a dance of the intellect."

     Keith Jebb


    "The calm precision in these little collaged lines is the underlay for what happens above where image and reference flow around and within each other producing a perceptual kaleidoscope of fractured illumination, a narrative of emotional jolts in which time place and memory dream themselves back into being. I love these poems.'

    Tim Allen

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