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Voie - Andrew Taylor

Chapbook RCP 102
A6 50 Pages
40 Copies


Voie - Andrew Taylor

  • Voie
    This is my third Red Ceilings Press publication, following Aire (2018) and Silo (2021). I envisioned writing about a particular place without due thought to publication. I’m grateful to Mark Cobley for facilitating the publication of this trilogy and his ongoing support, and to the editors of the magazines that have previously published the poems (or versions of the poems). I’m grateful also, to Peter Hughes at Oystercatcher Press for publishing Air Vault in 2016, which kickstarted the writing of the trilogy.     
    Andrew Taylor

    On Silo:
    “These are word pictures. Moments caught by words as solid as paint on canvas.”
    Joe Darlington, Manchester Review of Books

    Silo has has a distinctive style which is all its own.”
    Alan Baker, Litter magazine

    On Aire:
    “Delicate poems of place and being -”
    Robert Sheppard, Pages

    “These quite quiet works are asking us to read and think and look, and I think also they suggest we consider words as doing more than just naming things.”
    Martin Stannard, Stride

    “Wonderful. A fine collection.”
    Tom Pickard


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