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Wolf Eye - Paul Brookes

Chapbook RCP 105
A6 38 Pages
40 Copies

Wolf Eye - Paul Brookes

  • Wolf Eye

    ‘In this collection, Paul Brookes gives us a kaleidoscope of images. Things are not quite as they seem - a cleaner is an artist, the sky is a bone is a flute is a voice is the sky, mirrors have their own scent, “waters edge is a feather”. He invites us to look deeper - “are we under the dress of this lounge?” - to look sideways, to look differently. A chiaroscuro collection of the mundane made strange. Viewing the world through this “wolf eye” is an enthralling experience.’
    Sarah Connor

    ‘In Wolf Eye, Paul Brookes writes (of objects that) embrace change, objects twist and revolve…Poetry of radiant, ferocious mysticism, undercurrent of courageous, necessary social change, provides the reader energized, visionary poetics. Wolf Eye is a forest of recontextualized stories and anti-narratives. Constant surprises await if you enter this carved-out copse, with its sprung rhymes and intuitive, bending forms, a powerful leaping imagination.’
    Robert Frede Kenter

    Wolf Eye is everything you’d expect from Paul Brookes. Each poem appears cut down to its bare essence only to be transformed into strange visions and apparitions. These poems are ‘wishbones, charmbones, angerbones, lustbones’ - each one a strange discovery - with distant echoes of Ted Hughes at his most austere. The effect of Brookes’s work is always surprising and often breathtaking.
    Matthew M. C. Smith


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