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Weather Poems - Wayne Clements

Chapbook RCP 87
A6 48 Pages
40 Copies

Weather Poems - Wayne Clements

  • “The tight lines and spare words Wayne Clements wields in Weather Poems dance wildly through your woozy head like imprints on a Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dance-step-chart turned on edge. Sounds tick like a clock. This is animated poetry that does not move on a screen but that rumbas Dream Dancing Night and Day through your mind. It presents those words you’ve heard your whole life – all those forecasts – paring them down to what they really are. Words are music! Tune out the meteorologist! Tune in this book! Weather Poems brings you everything you ever need to know about the weather – and everything you knew but never heard.”
    Loss Pequeño Glazier, author of Luna Lunera 

    “Wayne Clements’ poems are simultaneously as basic as a child repeating its favourite words over and over, bewitched by the sound of them in its mouth, and as terrifying and baffling as the lines of Assembly Code this laptop is probably compiling as I type. 
Actually all poetry is a bit like that but Wayne’s is just, somehow, more… Maybe I can say that because I happen to know he could write Assembly Code if he put his mind to it (as he has in the past I think). Code is, of course, a form of Magic in which words make things happen at a distance just by being said. These poems induce the flickering rhythm of machine vision, alongside a child’s infinite patience with and delight in repetition.
    Again. More.
    Again. More.
    Again. More.

    Simon Lewandowski

  • Buy Weather Poems along with Wayne's chapbook Lives of the Saints for £10. Use code Clements21 at checkout (whilst stocks last).

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