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Welcome to the Red Ceilings Press where we publish contemporary poetry in the form of limited edition chapbooks and free ebooks.


We will be open for submissions from April 1, 2017 till December 1, 2017.

In general we tend to use the ebook series to publish world poets and the chapbooks to show UK poets. Translations are very welcome.

Send your submissions to in either rtf or doc format, or if submitting for the blog then in the body of an email will do.

blog & ebooks
New voices to the blog are most welcome but please don't submit more than 5 poems.

The ebooks, because of their nature, can be of any length, but poetry only please.

The chapbooks are in A6 format so please consider this when sending poems of longer line length. We don't want to set your fine work at 6pt.

If accepted we will ask you to take a minimum of 12 copies of the book at a reduced price (along with a complimentary copy) to help us to continue publishing.

Ebook & chapbook poets should preferably have a previous publication history. So, please mention where your work has appeared in your submission email and also provide a brief biography.


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Delighted to announce The No Breath by John Goodby

Recent additions -
Tired Blue Mountain by Kathrine Sowerby
Little usherette
by Michael Scott
I The Book of Seals by Mark Russell
The Holy Sonnets unDonne
by Mark Young (ebook)
Taxi Drivers (Berlin, 1931)
by Paul Sutton
Lives of the Saints
by Wayne Clements

Earlier chapbooks can be found here.

We are open for submissions from April 1, 2017 till December 1, 2017

first & last ~ rupert m loydell and nathan thompson
First & Last, Rupert M Loydell & Nathan Thompson
Chapbook - January 2016
chapbook [rcp cb37]
A6 32pp 80 copies
£6.00 inc. p&p (UK)

Rupert M Loydell is Senior Lecturer in English with Creative Writing at Falmouth University, the editor of Stride and With magazines, and a contributing editor to international times. He is the author of many collections of poetry, including The Return of the Man Who Has Everything, Wildlife and Ballads of the Alone, all published by Shearsman Books. An artist’s book-in-a-box, The Tower of Babel, was published by Like This Press; and Encouraging Signs, a book of essays, articles and interviews by Shearsman. He edited Smartarse for Knives Forks & Spoons Press, From Hepworth’s Garden Out: poems about painters and St. Ives for Shearsman, and Troubles Swapped for Something Fresh, an anthology of manifestos and unmanifestos, for Salt.

Nathan Thompson was born in Cornwall, and now divides his time between Jersey and the UK. Since his debut collection the arboretum towards the beginning came out in 2008 he has published books and pamphlets with Knives Forks & Spoons, Gratton Street Irregulars and Oystercatcher, the latest of which is ...,or the Night Terrors from Oystercatcher. Explorer 9 is due from Zimzalla in 2016. He holds a PhD from the University of Salford and is currently working on a monograph on Psychogeography and Contemporary Poetry.
lives of the saints ~ wayne clements
Lives of the Saints, Wayne Clements
Chapbook - February 2016
chapbook [rcp cb38]
A6 36pp 40 copies
£6.00 inc. p&p (UK)

Wayne Clements, writer and artist, studied fine art at Chelsea College of Art and Design, where he researched machine methods of generating text. His artwork has been widely exhibited internationally. First published by Bob Cobbing’s Writers Forum Press in the 1990s, eight books of poetry and visual work have followed. Recent publications include: Clerical Work (2010, Veer), Western Philosophy (2011, Knives, Forks and Spoons), Archeus (2012, Depart), Variant Lines (2013, Red Ceilings), and Eutropius (2013, Hassle).
Kenya (with Johan de Wit and Antony John) is due from Veer in 2016.
Taxi Drivers (Berlin, 1931), Paul Sutton
Chapbook - April 2016
chapbook [rcp cb39]
A6 36pp 40 copies
£6.00 inc. p&p (UK)

"Cartier-Bresson's photographs famously capture a "decisive moment", supposedly spontaneously. I wanted to unpick and explore that moment - and its importance - in narratives and internal or external monologues. I've used four of my favourites - Taxi Drivers (Berlin, 1931), Pont de l’Europe (Paris, 1932); Tug-boat pilots on the Rhine (West Germany, 1956); La Villette (Paris, 1929) - creating four sequences, with elements of realism, surrealism and hyperrealism." Paul Sutton

“So good to discover Paul Sutton’s poems, like bitter, burning pole stars guiding us through the wastelands of Regia Anglorum."

Rod Madocks, Amazon review of
Falling Off
taxi drivers ~ paul sutton
the holy sonnets undonne ~ mark young
The Holy Sonnets unDonne, Mark Young
ebook - May 2016
Mark Young
is the editor of
Otoliths, lives in a small town in North Queensland in Australia, & has been publishing poetry for more than fifty-five years. He is the author of over thirty books, primarily text poetry but also including speculative fiction, vispo, & art history. His work has been widely anthologized, & his essays & poetry translated into a number of languages. His most recent books are Bandicoot habitat & lithic typology, both from gradient books of Finland. An e-book, For the Witches of Romania, is due out from Beard of Bees.
The Holy Sonnets unDonne, Mark Young
book of seals ~ mark russell
the book of seals, Mark Russell
Chapbook - July 2016
chapbook [rcp cb40]
A6 52pp 40 copies
£7.00 inc. p&p (UK)

Mark Russell
has published
Saturday Morning Pictures (Red Ceilings 2015), and Pursued by Well-being (tall-lighthouse 2013). Other work has appeared in Tears in the Fence, The Rialto, Molly Bloom, and elsewhere. He lives in the forests of Argyll.
little usherette ~ michael scott
Little usherette, Michael Scott
Chapbook - August 2016
chapbook [rcp cb41]
A6 36pp 40 copies
£6.00 inc. p&p (UK)
£7.50 inc. p&p (Europe)
£9.00 inc p&p (World)
Michael Scott

“As if plundering her memory Scott hides entire screenplays in the gaps between his words. Missing conjunctions speak volumes. This man could write the sequel to Citizen Kane on the back of a fag packet, and still surpass the original...”


tired blue mountain ~ kathrine sowerby
Tired Blue Mountain, Kathrine Sowerby
Chapbook - October 2016
chapbook [rcp cb42]
A6 36pp 40 copies
£6.00 inc. p&p (UK)
£7.50 inc. p&p (Europe)
£9.00 inc p&p (World)
Kathrine Sowerby

“Kathrine Sowerby works language like a painter, shaping an impasto of wisdom and bewilderment in which ‘everything is possible’: for a young woman dying in the snow, for characters named Apple, Sun and Meaning, for black cats, for children and our feverish attempts to raise them well, to raise them safely. Tired Blue Mountain has a synesthetic wonder and delight in the colours of grief and magic, it is a fearless search for love and understanding.”

Mark Russell

the no breath ~ john goodby
The No Breath, John Goodby
Chapbook - June 2017
chapbook [rcp cb43]
A6 38pp 40 copies
£6.00 inc. p&p (UK)
£7.50 inc. p&p (Europe)
£9.00 inc p&p (World)
John Goodby

“I think these are my favourite poems of [John Goodby’s]. They have some kind of indefinable charge. It’s like being in a calm dark room with little slots and windowlets opening just briefly onto brilliantly lit spaces out there and all over and then closing again before you can get a really good look. What you carry away is a sort of richly coloured composite many-layered image which seems to add up to something suggestive of the archaeological remains of what was once at various points in time and space something resembling a unified human emotional consciousness. I find them exciting.”

Lyndon Davies